Posted by: jo | August 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

I started my blog last year on 5th August and I’m glad that I have been able to continue writing about my kids. Though this blog was started with an intention to update everything that I explore in my kids’ world, I never thought that it would also make loads of  friends around the world. A few viewers came by subscribing Explorekids, a few through e-mails and a few through blogging. Till date I have got 3,520 views and my top post is: ‘Quantum Of Solace’ with Kids. with 252 views (mostly viewed by the people who wanted to know if the movie is suitable for kids) and the second highest is Potty time and Parents and Expectations #2

When I started this blog, my friends wondered what had driven me to do this. This blog is like a diary to me. I would like to share this video that can explain why I started Explorekids…I don’t know the language used in this lovely video but it has English subtitles… and if anyone knows the language, please let me know…!

Happy Anniversary Explorekids !!



  1. Italian????

  2. Firstly – Congrats!

    Secondly – Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful adventures of Aru & Li’l Monster…Since I dont get to meet them often enough, this has kept me more than connected with the two 🙂 Trust me you have no idea how their comments and exploits keep me tickled :p

  3. Congrats! It’s been a very exciting year with the kids through this blog. Keep up the good writing!

  4. its greek!
    (pun unintended but it really is greek – have a greek friend so can vouch for it)

    and congrats!

  5. Gorgeous video! Apt for this day!

  6. It is really wonderful that you have completed a whole year of your blog. Congratulations. Though I don’t manage to read it as often as I would like to, the fact that it is there is really reassuring because I can read it any day and catch up with you. As someone who can remember your own childhood, I would just like to say it makes me really happy to see the lovely lady and mother you have grown into (I wanted you to know this even though it makes me sound ever so ooooooold!!!!!!!!). My mamma is here these days and joins me in congratulating you. Well done and lots of love to all of you. Didi

  7. Thanks everyone!
    @ chox, thanks for letting me know the language!

  8. Firstly Congratulations……
    And a big thanks …..reading ur blog has always been quite inspiring……keep it up and going dear….looking forward for the next post….personally my favourite is the posts about the “dolphins” in Ashmits potty….

  9. wow!! its been year now !! congrats … i landed up here after loooooooooooong time … good too see your consistent effort here 🙂

  10. [Sid & Smita] Thanks !

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