Posted by: jo | May 6, 2011

Conversation with Ashmit

It’s been long time since I wrote a proper post. Today it feels as if I’m writing for the first time. But could not help not writing this conversation.

Last weekend, while I was resting, Ashmit was busy playing some game on computer. He comes to me saying

Ashmit: Mamma, what’s my password?

Me : How am I suppose to know?!!

Ashmit : My game is asking for password.

Me: It’s your game, you must be knowing it!

Ashmit: But what does password mean?

Me : Well, password are secret words that people write there to make the game their own game. Like someone can write ‘I AM GOD’

Ashmit: whats the spelling of human being?

Me: why!!?

Ashmit: because ‘I AM A HUMAN BEING’

I wish children could remain innocent forever!! Today they grow so fast that by the age of 10 they are already teenagers.



  1. like it, like it, like it!

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