Posted by: jo | July 12, 2011

Night night story

A few days back, during the night time, I was quite tired when Ashmit demanded for his night night story. I was in no mood to read a story so we settled for a made up story.  I started the story… Once there was a monkey called Curious. He was playing near a place where the woodcutter was cutting the branches. Then after some time, the woodcutter went for his lunch. Curious went to the place where the man was working and started jumping from one trunk to the other. His mom said “Curious come back from that place or you can get hurt!”  But Curious did not listen to her. There was one trunk that was cut from the middle. Now when he was jumping, one of his leg got stuck in that trunk. Curious tried hard to take out his leg. And when finally he succeeded, his leg broke.

Me: So what is the moral of the story?

Ashmit: We should listen to our mom. I did not like the story! It is a dangerous story! If I was telling this story to you, I would had said that Curious took out his leg without breaking it. Did the monkey leave his broken leg in the trunk!?

Me: No, broken leg means a bone getting broken.

Ashmit : Then what do we do?

Me: We go to a doctor who joins the bone through an operation

Ashmit: How does he do the operation?

Me: (Now this was a tricky question. If I answered that, then there was a fare chance of him trying it out one day). Mmmmm, I don’t know!

Ashmit: I know! The doctor takes out the leg from the body…then he takes out the bone…joins the bone…put it back into the leg and then sticks the leg with the fevicol.

Me: Wow! I never knew that! 🙂  🙂 Night night!!



  1. Cannot stop smiling. Cool Ashmit,very imaginative

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