Posted by: jo | November 24, 2017

Changes in last few years.

5 years!, yes long time and the most crucial years of my life with kids. Aru in her teens and Ashmit making new friends and exploring the world, gave me tough time.

Aru is 17yrs old now: grown big and tall. She is my height now, maybe an inch more. Responsible girl in some ways and irresponsible in many ways. Her favourite line these days is; it’s my life and this is how I’m. From slow eater she has become anything eater. Sometimes very thoughtful and sometimes in ‘who cares’ mode. Gets happy in every small thing she likes and gets angry on even smaller things she dislikes ( like it is said in hindi ‘गुस्सा नाक पर रहता है’) Mostly confined to herself, I sometimes get the pleasure of talking and sharing my thoughts with her, which I love doing. Aru has developed love towards books and music. Philosophy and psychology are the topics she likes to talk on, with other topics like movies, tv series, books.

Ashmit had real fun in last 5 years, I guess. He is 12 yrs old now. His asthma became better and he could now go out and play anytime of the year. Made loads of friends. A very funny boy most of the time but can throw a hard time tantrum when he is upset with anything. Eating time is not an easy time with him any more. Too finicky about what to eat and what not to. He is a very curious boy, always has questions for everything and anything. Loves sports, music, sketching. Very affectionate boy and we find him very funny when he is angry about something. Recently he has started getting embarrassed on crying or hugging in public.


Kids might have changed, but what remain the same is they still lighten up the house with joy and lots of positive energy which gets transfer to us, the parents.

More to come in detail. Wait for it!




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