Photos of Jaipur #2

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This is the front of Hawa Mahal

Mo and kids, inside Hawa Mahal

Kids peeping from the Hawa Mahal’s windows

Sight of Amer Fort from Hawa Mahal. The yellow building on the left is the palace where the king is living with his family.

Sight of Jantar Mantar from Hawa Mahal

View from Hawa Mahal

View from one of the window at Hawa Mahal

That’s Brahminy Starling at Hawa Mahal. We saw this bird first time at the Bharatpur bird sanctuary.

Aru at the entrance of City Palace

Kids watching snake show at the City Place

Kids with guards of olden days at the City Palace

Ashmit and the royal guard.

Mo and kids at the gallery. This building looks same from all the four sides. It has Hindu architecture on the ground floor, Mughal on the first floor and British on the top floor.

View of the Palace (new palace) from City Palace (old palace)

This area at City Palace was meant for dance. It has four entrance doors for the dancers. These doors are the symbols of four seasons in India. Aru is at the ‘winter door’. During winter season the dancers entered from this door.

Mo and kids at ‘monsoon door’.

This pot has its name in Guinness book for being the biggest pot in the world; made by one of the kings, Madho Singh II

That’s Jantar Mantar. The arrow points towards the north star

That’s the Northern Hemisphere. These days sun doesn’t shine on it as it is towards southern hemisphere.

Southern hemisphere

That’s AM and PM. We were at Jantar Mantar around 3 pm, hence the sun shinning at the pm

And that’s AM.

Kids at AM, PM monument

That’s a smaller model of AM, PM. On the left is AM and on the right is PM.



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  2. also this is magnificient! In a country that has no buildings older than 360 years it is awe-inspiring to see the heritage of India!

  3. awesome….i had visited jaipur ten years back…but it looks more beautiful now

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