Posted by: jo | November 24, 2017

Changes in last few years.

5 years!, yes long time and the most crucial years of my life with kids. Aru in her teens and Ashmit making new friends and exploring the world, gave me tough time.

Aru is 17yrs old now: grown big and tall. She is my height now, maybe an inch more. Responsible girl in some ways and irresponsible in many ways. Her favourite line these days is; it’s my life and this is how I’m. From slow eater she has become anything eater. Sometimes very thoughtful and sometimes in ‘who cares’ mode. Gets happy in every small thing she likes and gets angry on even smaller things she dislikes ( like it is said in hindi ‘गुस्सा नाक पर रहता है’) Mostly confined to herself, I sometimes get the pleasure of talking and sharing my thoughts with her, which I love doing. Aru has developed love towards books and music. Philosophy and psychology are the topics she likes to talk on, with other topics like movies, tv series, books.

Ashmit had real fun in last 5 years, I guess. He is 12 yrs old now. His asthma became better and he could now go out and play anytime of the year. Made loads of friends. A very funny boy most of the time but can throw a hard time tantrum when he is upset with anything. Eating time is not an easy time with him any more. Too finicky about what to eat and what not to. He is a very curious boy, always has questions for everything and anything. Loves sports, music, sketching. Very affectionate boy and we find him very funny when he is angry about something. Recently he has started getting embarrassed on crying or hugging in public.


Kids might have changed, but what remain the same is they still lighten up the house with joy and lots of positive energy which gets transfer to us, the parents.

More to come in detail. Wait for it!



Posted by: jo | November 22, 2017

Am I Back ?!

It’s been 5 and half years since I wrote about kids. I had lot to share but guess other things in life became priority.

We moved to different city, hubby changed jobs, but kids, they were kids: growing up fast, changing physically, emotionally and mentally.

Hoping to write more often here and will try to go 5 years back and retrieve some lost memories about kids.

See you all soon with something interesting, I hope! 🙂

Posted by: jo | July 7, 2012

Two men

Today morning Ashmit and his dad were busy playing with thier toys (dad on laptop and son on Ipod), sitting next to each other, when I over heard this conversation.

Ashmit: Is gigantic bigger than enormous?

Dad: No, they are the same.

Ashmit: Are they brothers?


Posted by: jo | July 30, 2011

Date and Dating

Most of the time I come to know that my kids are growing up by the conversation they have with their friends, sibling(s) and with Mo or me.

Last night when Ashmit went off to sleep, Aru wanted to have a private conversation with me. So it started like this…

Aru: Mamma, what is a ‘date’. I am not talking about the date we eat or the date on the calender.

Me (having no clue at all): Well, I guess I am not able to get it. Can you please explain me with an example!?

Aru: I saw in a movie, the girl says “I am getting late for a date”

Did not know what to say, how to say in this bizarre situation. Was also wondering, when did she watch this movie as we allow her to watch only kids’ movies. Anyway, I had to answer this and my rules have always been to give the true answer. Though this one had to be little filtered.

Me: Date is when a girl goes out with a boy for lunch or dinner or a movie or a cup of tea or coffee etc etc.

Aru: Goes with a boy or a boyfriend?

Me(didn’t want to answer this but…): With a boyfriend

Aru: whats the difference between a boy as a friend and a boyfriend?

Me (felt like screaming…SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME HERE!!!): We usually end up marrying our boyfriend but we can’t marry a boy who is just our friend.

Aru: So when is the right age for dating?

Me (!!!!!!!!!!!!!): Well, when the education finishes and you start working. (mother’s instinct takes over here)

Aru: Why?

Me: Because you can’t marry before that. Can you?

Aru: I know that!!! Goodnight!

Thank God for the last answer!! Hope she sticks to it!! It was too much for me to hear it from a 11 year old.

Posted by: jo | July 12, 2011

Night night story

A few days back, during the night time, I was quite tired when Ashmit demanded for his night night story. I was in no mood to read a story so we settled for a made up story.  I started the story… Once there was a monkey called Curious. He was playing near a place where the woodcutter was cutting the branches. Then after some time, the woodcutter went for his lunch. Curious went to the place where the man was working and started jumping from one trunk to the other. His mom said “Curious come back from that place or you can get hurt!”  But Curious did not listen to her. There was one trunk that was cut from the middle. Now when he was jumping, one of his leg got stuck in that trunk. Curious tried hard to take out his leg. And when finally he succeeded, his leg broke.

Me: So what is the moral of the story?

Ashmit: We should listen to our mom. I did not like the story! It is a dangerous story! If I was telling this story to you, I would had said that Curious took out his leg without breaking it. Did the monkey leave his broken leg in the trunk!?

Me: No, broken leg means a bone getting broken.

Ashmit : Then what do we do?

Me: We go to a doctor who joins the bone through an operation

Ashmit: How does he do the operation?

Me: (Now this was a tricky question. If I answered that, then there was a fare chance of him trying it out one day). Mmmmm, I don’t know!

Ashmit: I know! The doctor takes out the leg from the body…then he takes out the bone…joins the bone…put it back into the leg and then sticks the leg with the fevicol.

Me: Wow! I never knew that! 🙂  🙂 Night night!!

Posted by: jo | May 6, 2011

Conversation with Ashmit

It’s been long time since I wrote a proper post. Today it feels as if I’m writing for the first time. But could not help not writing this conversation.

Last weekend, while I was resting, Ashmit was busy playing some game on computer. He comes to me saying

Ashmit: Mamma, what’s my password?

Me : How am I suppose to know?!!

Ashmit : My game is asking for password.

Me: It’s your game, you must be knowing it!

Ashmit: But what does password mean?

Me : Well, password are secret words that people write there to make the game their own game. Like someone can write ‘I AM GOD’

Ashmit: whats the spelling of human being?

Me: why!!?

Ashmit: because ‘I AM A HUMAN BEING’

I wish children could remain innocent forever!! Today they grow so fast that by the age of 10 they are already teenagers.

Posted by: jo | December 8, 2010

A conversation with Dora

Today, while I was working in my room and Ashmit watching Dora The Explorer in the living room, I heard this…

Dora: Say Map, Say Map, Say Map

Ashmit: I WON’T

Dora: Can you see the rain forest? Where is it?

Ashmit: I don’t know

Dora: Theeeere, Thanks for helping

Dora: Can you see the swiper?

Ashmit: NO

Dora: Swiper no swiping. swiper no swiping, swiper no swiping


Dora: Did you like doing xxxxxx. Which one was your favourite?

Ashmit: None, all boring

Dora: I liked that too

Ashmit: Ahhh! I should watch Oggy and the cockroaches (channel changes).

Posted by: jo | September 3, 2010

Rakshabandhan 2010

This Rakhi was very special for Aru. We planned to put Mehndi on our hands. It was a special moment for her because she got it done for the first time.

Thanks Ms. T for taking the pix!

Posted by: jo | August 15, 2010


Paase Sabhi Ulat Gaye Dushman Ki Chal Ke,
Akshar Sabhi Palat Gaye Bharat Ke Bhal Ke,
Manjil Pe Aaya Mulk Har Bala Ko Taal Ke,
Sadiyon Ke Baad Fir Ude Badal Gulal Ke,

Hum Laye Hain Tufan Se Kashti Nikal Ke,
Is Desh Ko Rakhna Mere Bachchon Sambhal Ke,
Tum Hi Bhavishya Ho Mere Bharat Vishal Ke,
Is Desh Ko Rakhna Mere Bachchon Sambhal Ke,

Duniya Ke Daav-Pench Se Rakhna Na Vasta,
Manzil Tumhaari Door Hai,Lamba Hai Rasta,
Bhaatka Na De Koi Tumhe Dhoke Me Daal Ke,
Is Desh Ko Rakhna Mere Bachchon Sambhal Ke,

Atom Bombon Ke Jor Pe Ainthi Hai Ye Duniya,
Barood Ke Ek Dher Pe Baithi Hai Ye Duniya,
Tum Har Kadam Uthana Jara Sambhal Ke,
Is Desh Ko Rakhna Mere Bachchon Sambhal Ke,

Aaram Ki Tum Bhul-Bhulaiya Me Na Bhulo,
Sapno Ke Hindolon Me Magan Ho Ke Na Jhulo,
Ab Waqt Aa Gaya Mere Hanste Hue Phoolon,
Uththo Chalang Maar Ke Aakash Ko Choo Lo,
Tum Gaad To Gagan Me Tiranga Uchal Ke,
Is Desh Ko Rakhna Mere Bachchon Sambhal Ke

Posted by: jo | March 7, 2010

Aru turns 10

Yesterday was Aru’s 10th birthday. All the people at home and outside had only one thing to tell her that she is a BIG girl now. I don’t know whether she liked to hear that or not but she did enjoy her party with her friends. This was her last birthday with her existing school friends as she will move to another school after two weeks. Her friends and she were quite hopeful that they will stay in touch FOREVER  and I hope they really do because I know how upset she was to be separated from her school friends in UK.

On her birthday I only wish that she grows up into a happy and cheerful Lady and God’s blessings are always with her.

Happy Birthday Aru

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