Photos of Jaipur #1

Amer Fort

Mo, Aru and Ashmit inside Amer fort at Sheesh Mahal

Aru at the terrace in the fort

Aru at Jal Mahal

These beautiful camels were across the road from Jal Mahal.

That was our cottage at Chokhi Dhani resort

Ashmit on his way to the room. Aru waiting for him at the door

On the left is the washroom. On the right is the restaurant.

That’s a beautiful architecture at the swimming pool.

Mo and kids at the swimming pool

luxury cottage

Different rooms

Camel in the resort

Kids at different places in the resort.

Three monsters at Chokhi Dhani’s village fair

Rajasthani kids at the fair

Dance at the fair: On the knife; On the pieces of glass; On the set of glasses.

Boy balancing and The Magic show

Cottage in the evening.

(photos contd. in # 2 The Link)



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  2. these are absolutely beautiful! I’ve only ever seen TV programs of the dancers – the architecture, the colours, the atmosphere you have captured it so evocative! I must go there it is so beautiful:) thank you

  3. Lovely pictures. seems that you all had a great time there. i couldnt see you in any of the photos…..i wish we all could go there……i really enjoyed viewing all the pictures.

  4. lovely pics di…..i could not find u in any of the pics…?

  5. awesome pictures di, beautiful place.

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