Posted by: jo | July 30, 2011

Date and Dating

Most of the time I come to know that my kids are growing up by the conversation they have with their friends, sibling(s) and with Mo or me.

Last night when Ashmit went off to sleep, Aru wanted to have a private conversation with me. So it started like this…

Aru: Mamma, what is a ‘date’. I am not talking about the date we eat or the date on the calender.

Me (having no clue at all): Well, I guess I am not able to get it. Can you please explain me with an example!?

Aru: I saw in a movie, the girl says “I am getting late for a date”

Did not know what to say, how to say in this bizarre situation. Was also wondering, when did she watch this movie as we allow her to watch only kids’ movies. Anyway, I had to answer this and my rules have always been to give the true answer. Though this one had to be little filtered.

Me: Date is when a girl goes out with a boy for lunch or dinner or a movie or a cup of tea or coffee etc etc.

Aru: Goes with a boy or a boyfriend?

Me(didn’t want to answer this but…): With a boyfriend

Aru: whats the difference between a boy as a friend and a boyfriend?

Me (felt like screaming…SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME HERE!!!): We usually end up marrying our boyfriend but we can’t marry a boy who is just our friend.

Aru: So when is the right age for dating?

Me (!!!!!!!!!!!!!): Well, when the education finishes and you start working. (mother’s instinct takes over here)

Aru: Why?

Me: Because you can’t marry before that. Can you?

Aru: I know that!!! Goodnight!

Thank God for the last answer!! Hope she sticks to it!! It was too much for me to hear it from a 11 year old.



  1. Wow…what a conversation at 11… bache kite jaldi bade ho jaate hai….but I think you handled it ok..

  2. You are in for some really tough heart to hearts witrh Aru, as she’s a pretty smart kid! N these days kid movies are also pretty explicit 😛
    Waise u have a really wierd video clip at teh end of this post…I am assuming that u didnt put it!

  3. Ok thrs no video clip now…weird

  4. cool! Mommy in for big time trouble! Good fun, though, to read it.

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