photos of bird sanctuary

To know more about the bird sanctuary, here is the link

view from our room……..Ashmit is looking for Didi

The TT table was too big for Ashmit, hence most of the time he was under the table looking for the ball

The grasshopper, Ashmit was scared of

I love this photo… thinking to paste it in Ashmit’s room πŸ™‚

Aru in pool ….. she could not wait to change her clothes and put on her swimsuit

Its a parrot, at the top of the tree.

Red-vented Bulbul with White-eared Bulbul

That’s white-breasted Waterhen on the top of the dry branch

common Hoopoe

painted stork, flying over the grass.

parrots, one on top and one on lower branch

A bird on the dry branch. Not sure with the name. She was black in colour and had red tail.

not sure with the name. bird on the pole.

when parrots come back to their home after long time, they peep in to see if there are no insects, snakes or worms inside it. That’s what these two parrots are doing.

painted storks, nesting

painted storks

There were hundred of these painted storks, nesting in large area at the sanctuary

these are black colour storks, popularly known as snake necked stork. They are so called because when they are in water, their whole body is in, only the neck is out, and because of the neck’s shape it seems as if its snake in the water. One of our friends took the picture of the stork in the water. I will publish it in my next page.

That’s Kingfisher…..we saw Kingfisher flying, it looks beautiful with its blue wings. Its on the top at the tip of the dry branch.


Ashmit in the Tonga. He was more excited to sit in tonga and go around the sanctuary. The trip took 2 hours. Every time we stopped to see a bird, he would say “stop horsey stop” and when we would start moving, he would order first, “go horsey go”.

It was nesting time in the sanctuary, hence the grass and trees were all grown. Boating was stopped. But after October when the bird’s babies will grow, the sanctuary will get maintained. All the grass are eaten by the birds and their babies. Birds from cold places like Siberian Cranes, Eagles,Vultures etc. migrate and come here.

We are all set to go there again in winters. πŸ™‚




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  2. Love these photos!

    • Thanks!

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