Posted by: jo | March 7, 2010

Aru turns 10

Yesterday was Aru’s 10th birthday. All the people at home and outside had only one thing to tell her that she is a BIG girl now. I don’t know whether she liked to hear that or not but she did enjoy her party with her friends. This was her last birthday with her existing school friends as she will move to another school after two weeks. Her friends and she were quite hopeful that they will stay in touch FOREVER  and I hope they really do because I know how upset she was to be separated from her school friends in UK.

On her birthday I only wish that she grows up into a happy and cheerful Lady and God’s blessings are always with her.

Happy Birthday Aru



  1. Baby of the house is sure becoming older. But so do hope not BIG! Congrats mom for a beautiful lady in the making!

  2. 🙂 they grow up so fast!

  3. Belated Birthday wishes Aru, I can see that you had a wonderful day.OMG I cannot believe this I still remember her 6th or 7th b’thday at Corn Exchange ,remember Nanny McPhee, kids do grow very quickly

    • Yes, Nanny McPhee was on 6th birthday and bowling was on 7th birthday. 🙂

  4. OOOOOO the li’l aru that I knew has grown into such a lovly princess…..a belated budday wishes to her from our side. somehow Mar 10 has been registerd in our minds to be her birthday….maybe that was the day she had celebrated her birthday the year we were togathr

  5. I can hear the laughter and the music – I’m sorry I’m 4 days late Aru. The world got a muddled this side of the Equator. But may God’s blessings be always with you and may your joy float like clouds in the sky. John has many close friends he keeps contact with regularly – some since they they were two years old. May your friendships be as long-lived and bring a wealth of memories. Lastly turn the clock back and pretend I wrote this on your birthday – I meant to,

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