Posted by: jo | February 6, 2010

World Book Fair

Last weekend, World Book Fair started in Delhi. We were desperately waiting for it since last one month and were hoping everything stayed fine till the day came. But as always, something has to go wrong. Aru fell ill with viral a day before the fair.  We decided that Mo should go to the fair with T, who was accompanying us, and I would go with kids the next weekend. Aru didn’t like the idea because she was equally excited for this day. At night time she said, “Mamma we can go there for a while? I think I will be much better by tomorrow morning”. I thought of taking a call in the morning

In the morning, none of us could control the excitement. So we said that we would go to the fair after lunch for 2-3 hours keeping Aru’s illness in mind.

The moment we entered the hall, all of us forgot about the plan and we started drooling over the books. Maybe the smell of the books is so intoxicating that one can’t think of anything. We ended up buying 47 books, including 23 books for Aru and 15 for Ashmit.

Mo wanted to meet Sidin Vadukut whose book Dork was releasing that day at Penguin store. We went there and bought quite a lot of books including Roald Dahl, Ruskin Bond and of course Dork. We met this charming man, Sidin and got the book Dork signed by him.

As we ambled from one store to the other we reached Roopa store. I was surprised to see Nancy Drew for kids of Aru’s age. I really loved Nancy Drew when I was young. This new book comes by the name ‘Nancy Drew Note Books’. There we also saw this interesting book from Ruskin Bond that had two stories, with the stories starting from opposite sides, that is, one side has one story and the other side of the book has the other story. I picked one book from there, as I am a big fan of Ruskin Bond stories; I can’t stop buying them for Aru.

When we were finished with the payment, Mo noticed that Mr. Ruskin Bond was there himself in the store. I hurriedly took out both the books (one from Penguin store and one from Roopa) and asked Aru to get it signed. Aru, with a puzzled look on her face, went to him and asked for the signature. It was such an amazing moment for all of us. I could not take my eyes off from him and could not believe that he was actually there. He complemented Aru by saying ‘you are a real reader’.

With the joy of meeting Ruskin Bond, we came home after spending 5 hours shopping for books. Aru was not satisfied and asked me to come again so that she could buy books of her choice ONLY. So let’s see if we can go there on this Sunday, the last day of World Book Fair.



  1. some guys have all the luck…do I envy you?????

  2. The memory lane will be happily filled up by such experiences of childhood. Good parnting!

  3. wow!

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