Posted by: jo | February 1, 2010


Today Aru didn’t go to school, hence when Ashmit came home from the school, he was not expecting to find his sister at home. I don’t know why, but he suddenly started behaving in a strange manner like running, laughing, not ready to change clothes etc. So, to slow him down I started asking him about his day at school, but he was not ready to answer that. After failing to get any answer to my several questions, I thought of telling him about me. So I started~Do you know what didi and I did today? Immediately he was quiet and still with big open eyes~What? I grabbed the opportunity and started opening his jacket to change his clothes…

Me~ Didi and I peeled 5 kgs of peas

Ashmit stood still with an expression, ok! I am listening, go ahead

Me~ Didi was a great helper!!

Ashmit (almost half undressed)~ I WANT TO BE THE GREAT HELPER. boooohoooo!!!! (And threw himself on the bed)

Me~ Yes, you can by helping me change your clothes

Ashmit (still crying)~ NO NOT THIS HELP SOME OTHER GREAT HELP. booohoooo!!!

Me~ Ok, I will let you do great help. Let’s change the clothes and become clean.

NOoo,  NOW!!!

I understood there was no point talking on it anymore, hence I thought of changing the topic. I remembered, I had asked Ashmit in the morning not to take off his jacket today as he was not wearing any woollen inside and if his teacher asks him to do so during the exercise class, he should tell her the same.

Me (with my open arms)~ Did you feel warm in the jacket today

Ashmit (wiping his tears, comes near me)~ No, and when ma’am asked me to take it off, I told her that I am not wearing woollen inside.

Me~ Oh! You remembered to say that!? I am so proud of you!

Ashmit (grinning)~ Are you a majesty? heehee

Me (!!!!)~ No, why?

Ashmit ~ Because you are saying I am proud of you and the king in Chotta Bheem says that and he doesn’t have a crown and you also don’t wear a crown…

(one mission complete; clothes changed; Yippee!)

Me (interrupting him)~ Alright, let’s have our lunch now. I am starving!

Ashmit~ I don’t want to eat now. I want to play with didi

Me~ Didi will also have her lunch now.

Ashmit~ Ok! You and didi eat, I will play alone

Me thinking, Is there any end to this!!!!

Another strategic conversation for another mission continues…



  1. hands on learning on strategy and conflict management ;->

  2. tv characters are having quite an impact on little ones..quite a challenge for moms..

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