Posted by: jo | January 28, 2010

Scenes not meant for parents

A few days back, Aru and Ashmit were watching a movie called Bhootnath. In one of the scene, the kid in the movie gets slapped by his mom with a loud background sound Chatak and at this, Bhootnath (who can only be seen by the kid) says “aise koi bachche ko marta hai kya?” (Should one hit a kid like that?).

Ashmit who was sitting and enjoying the movie, suddenly stood up, still and with a blank face. I asked him what happened and the moment I asked him this, he started crying and came to me saying “I don’t like this movie. boohoooo. They (tv) should not show this movie. He (the kid) only wanted bhootnath to come in front of his mom. Why did she hit him!? booohooo“. Then he left the room and I was also pulled along as if these kinds of scenes are not meant for me; they can spoil me.



  1. ashmit’s senstivity will keep us all alert and agile.His observation scares adults sometimes and his interpretations can make everyone learn a lot.After all “Child is the father of man”.

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