Posted by: jo | December 23, 2009

H1N1 enters my place

Last two weeks were quite tough. Last week, Ashmit brought H1N1 virus and after two days, he passed it on to Aru. We rushed to the government children’s hospital and got the medicine. Thankfully,the kids’ doctor suspected it in Ashmit at an early stage and things were under control or else with already weak lungs, Ashmit’s case could have become really bad. They were given medicine for five days and were asked to be kept in one room for that many days. Mo and I had to take extra care  so that we didn’t get it (especially I, as I had to spend more time with them). Earlier, the preventive medicine was prescribed to the other members of the family if one got H1N1, but now they are not giving it till one has the symptoms because of the bad side effects the medicine has.

The days with the illness were tough and keeping both kids in one room was toughest. I could not spend quality time with them and they had ample time with each other (which I realised is very dangerous for the parents) reading and playing, fighting, screaming, crying and turning the room in a big mess. I gave up after three days and allowed them to watch TV twice a day for an hour with a mask covering their nose and mouth. Phew, finally the five days are over!!!

Now we are anxiously looking forward to meet our family and have a loooooong holiday with them. See you guys later and wish you all a




  1. Thank goodness its all over…and hope that u and mohit are doing good.

  2. Sitting and waiting for the flu to heal was quite anxious. This little family i only know from cyberspace is connected with strong threads and worrying over Ashmit’s chest was very real. When it was over, it was a relief and brought a wonderful start to a new decade 🙂

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