Posted by: jo | December 1, 2009

Illness, Fair and more

Kids are ill and the doctor is on holiday for next five days. Imagine the panic when the schools are getting attacked by the swine flu and at the same time kids fall ill and their doctor is unavailable!! It is not easy in India to have faith in some other pediatrician especially when you have blind faith in your kids’ doctor and when one of your child is asthmatic.

So here is the story. I was looking forward for book fair on 27th and 29th, when Aru fell ill with cough and fever on 26th morning. I was not disappointed by it because she is usually fine by the next day (magic medicine by her doctor). But man proposes and God disposes. I then came to know that since her doctor is on leave for next five days, I will have to show her to someone else. Now I was disappointed!!!!!!! This doctor looks at her and says if her fever doesn’t go in two days get the swine flu test done and keep your son away from her. I could feel my heart throbbing in my throat. The same night, Ashmit starts coughing. I ran to the same doctor next day (27th). He said Ashmit’s cough was not bad. I was a little hopeful now because Aru’s fever was gone. We planned to go to the fair on saturday and we did go there only for an hour.

Kids loved to be outside and I thought they are fine now! Bought handful books from the stalls of National Book Trust and Pratham Books. Both the publishers have books at reasonable price. Most were in the range of Rs.15-Rs25 at Pratham Books and prices were below Rs.50 at NBT. Bought 38 books in an hour 🙂 There were events going on at the fair. Children saw magic show. So the day went happily on Saturday.

We planned to go to another book fair, Bookaro, on sunday, as the kids looked fine and playful. But Sunday morning was not the same. Kids woke with bad bad cough and cold, tired  and not willing to eat anything. On Monday the doctor said to get the swine flu test done and I was wondering whether to wait for kids’ doc. to return on Tuesday or get the test done.The life threatening danger of this disease made things clear and I got the test done. Today, the kids are much much better, charged with full energy, their doctor is back and the test report is negative.

When things have to go wrong, everything seems unfair and when things have to be alright, everything falls in the right way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. some good and some not good…we are in it for the long haul!

  2. Thankfully, the prayers were answered.I did use SECRET. It is powerful.
    We are happy and relaxed .Can understand, what you all went through.But optimism is “greater the pain,greater the learning.” Sunshines only after the darkness.

  3. How quickly one is grateful when the threat is gone! I was hoping yesterday they would e negative – a great relief 🙂

  4. […] are on high quality paper and print, with bright and colorful illustrations. Before going to the fair, I had selected some books from their catalogue. Unfortunately I found only 16 of them, but never […]

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