Posted by: jo | November 16, 2009

Got Any Present For Me!?


This Calvin and Hobbes reminded me of Ashmit’s latest expectation from everyone. So, anyone visiting us, we coming from outside or grandparents on the phone, Ashmit has to say “What is for me?”

Yet another difficult phase of parenting. It’s so embarrassing when  somebody just drops by and Ashmit says, “You have not brought anything for me?” Hope this habit of his passes away soon!



  1. Thanks for the warning Jo!!!!

  2. Some days back Surya had asked our neighbour, who was returning from shopping for groceries, “what ave u got for me” and they handed over an icecream to him. After an hour of lecturing I was happy that I had conviced him that this was not an appropriete behavior. The next time when he met the neighbour he didnt ask them what they have got for him….and i was proud of him, but a bit too early….he just informed them that he didnt have any icecream in his fridge…..and he got a candy this time……

    • HA HA HA! Good to know I’m not the only one

  3. Ayaan got that way when I would travel. First question when I got when I came back was ‘What did you get for me?’ So I stopped associating the two. I would buy stuff for him but give it only a week or so after I got back…

  4. 🙂 and then we grow older and pretend we don’t think like that anymore!!

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