Posted by: jo | October 11, 2009

First Report card…

Yesterday, Ashmit got his first term result and I received his first report card. Things and feelings are so different for the second child, is the realisation I keep having with Ashmit. When Aru had her first result declared, I remember, I could feel my heart throbbing in my neck, but didn’t feel anything for Ashmit. Maybe, because I am now more focused on whether the kids’ basic concept is clear or not than the grades they get. And I must say I am very happy with Ashmit’s progress in Academics and activities. And I am glad his teachers are also very impressed with him, especially his dance and music teacher.

Ashmit’s result was fantastic with gold star in each category of each subject, except in drawing shapes, colouring within lines, drawing and balancing on one leg are the categories where he got silver star (which means he is progressing). I was wondering if I tell his teacher about his achievement in a drawing competition (Club Mahindra holiday package as the first prize), then what will be her reaction!!? Ashmit also got three certificates for achieving excellence in the field of- “Rhyme time”, “Crafty Hands” and “Tell a Tale”. Rhyme time and story telling were performed on the stage, individually.

Shapes is something I really have to work on because even I know he is not good in it, but can’t do anything for the drawing bit as he loves doing free hand colouring and drawing.



  1. wow! you sound like a very proud mother, which you should be! Great job mommy and sunny!

  2. as long as Ashmit sees his own shapes in his head and makes them into pictures and stories that please him, that’s all that matters. Talent can’t fit into a box – then it withers and dies 🙂

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