Posted by: jo | October 10, 2009

Two months…Phew!

It’s been long since I last posted something. It’s not that nothing was happening, but sooo much was happening that I could not take the time out. First Ashmit fell ill in the month of August followed by me. While my recovery took almost one month, the kids’ grandmom fell ill soon after that.  Mom and I are fine now but both of us are still under medical treatment.

At the end of September we had planned for a holiday in Pondicherry (for our anniversary) but due to my illness, we cancelled that and went to Agra. Initially, I was not happy with the plan because mom was not well and also I had seen Agra when I was a child, but I must admit it was a great relief. We just enjoyed ourselves relaxing and eating. Mo wanted the kids to see Taj Mahal and Agra Fort so we visited those places and I am glad the kids really enjoyed the trip and were on their best(est) behaviour.

Kids in the corridor The hotel had this table chess at a corner in the lobby. Whenever we passed through the lobby, the kids had to play here. Though Ashmit does not know how to play it but both of them still enjoyed… Every evening a magician showed some magic in the lobby and in the end he would also reveal the trick, so it was fun for kids. Kids also bought a few stuff to show their talent to their friends. Now I have little magicians at my home. Beautiful lamps in the lobby. Finally, kids and Taj Mahal. I saw it after 25 years but the memories were still so fresh and the monument still looked so amazing and beautiful! Though Agra Fort was not much of an experience. I remember going through each room in the Fort that was now locked for the tourist viewing. Still the view of Taj from Agra Fort was mesmerising 

Though the second half of the year did not start very well, hoping after Agra experience, things will be in place. As for now, all of us are waiting to celebrate Diwali next weekend and pray for good health and happiness…!



  1. love the pic with Aru and Ashmit at the Taj. And below it is one that is nearly a finished watercolour!

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