Posted by: jo | July 28, 2009

Who is studying?!!!

For last three weeks, the only thing I have been doing is ‘stUdying’. No not my books, its Aru’s school books. I guess, today’s parents didn’t work too hard as kids; hence they are made to study by their kids’ school!

I remember we use to have so much of time for fun. At the age of 9-10, I don’t remember sitting down for hours and studying, and having no time for play. Poor girl, she comes home by 3p.m and sits down to study by 4p.m. First finishing her home works then preparing for Unit Tests. This month, instead of one unit test in a week she was having two unit tests, with other tests like dictation and recitation etc. and not to forget there was always some projects to do as well. She would get free only by 7:30-8 p.m. and get no time to play.

This week I just gave and have decided that I will not push her for gaining perfect grades. Her concept in each subject should be clear and that’s it. Don’t know what I have decided is right or wrong but can’t see her childhood getting ruined because of this…!!!!



  1. great idea to let go for some time…keep up the good work in all forms!

  2. am happy finally you understood… remember the quote “help the child become responsible instead of taking responsibility for him/her”

  3. Thats such a right approach.
    At this rate our kids will never have a childhood like we had and no memories to cherish like we have.

  4. I think you are right – when I look back on the memories of childhood cherished over all the years, I realise reading your post, that for my parents those selfsame memories were precious to them. So not only do we deprive the child of joy but we rob ourselves of rejoicing in the joy the child’s delight brings us – and Time is so fleeting….

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