Posted by: jo | July 7, 2009

New words in Ashmit’s vocabulary…

  • One evening Ashmit wanted to go in the park to play and I was stopping him because of the heat… “but mamma, all my boyfriends are out there in the park!!”

  • Ashmit comes from school with a pack of crayons… “Today was your friend’s B’day?”  “Yes, today was my girl’s birthday…”

  • Ashmit and Aru were having some conversation when Ashmit got really #$@&*# and said, “मेरा  दिमाग मत खाओ!!” (don’t eat my head!)

  • We were having butter milk at a restaurant in Kasuali. I asked Ashmit to have some (he is not really fond of it but due to the heat, I urged him to drink). After 4-5 sips… “How is it ?!!”  “hmmm, थोडा  weird है!!”(it’s little weird!!)

Kids grow really fast!!!!!!



  1. 🙂 expressing himself with amazing clarity-love the “boyfriend” and “my girl” bit

  2. seems that the young man has his mother’s way with words!!

  3. [tsemo] actually, father’s way… 😉

  4. Thoda weierd hai comment is definitely courtesy Mo…And i liked it that he has a girl now…Jo be careful, ur son is getting naughty!!

  5. “He is the best” and not only he feels this, we also feel same.

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