Posted by: jo | July 1, 2009

Ashmit’s four years

Ashmit’s 4th Birthday (on 24th June) was quite exciting for all of us. He had his grandparents and chacha (uncle) with us. He also attended his best friend’s birthday party (they share the same date)  and we got our new car delivered on this day 🙂  We went on a holiday next day but more on it in the next post. Here are Ashmit’s special moments during these four years…

2 hrs old                                    First smile on the first day

3 days old                    First bath at home

one mth old               First favourite toy (mamma’s phone)

First somersault;10 mths old     First tooth

First BEST friend

First bath                                First fancy dress show

First superhero:spiderman   First stage performance

First dance performance    First public picture

First day to school  First fight at school; bandaid on the left eyebrow

"Happy Birthday"!!

"Happy Birthday"!!



  1. 4 years of love and growth – what a lovely collection to warm the heart!

  2. Happy B’day little man. We love you. (Mom, a “handfull” four years)

  3. I like first fight!!Want the details 🙂

  4. happy birthday dear ashmit…looks quite big now….you have good collection of photos…

  5. [tsemo & munmun] Thanks!
    [tania]his friend thought of running towards him and snatching the ball; the boy’s front teeth went in Ashmit’s eyebrow. It was a small cut and he came home with the bandaid. 🙂
    [Arefa]Thanks! and I don’t want Ashmit to forget his first best friend. Hope we get to meet when you are in India!

  6. reminded me of happy moments of haing our baby in lap,when he was 20day old…seeing him shaping into a very affectionate ,sweet and loving boy is great …he is my best friend..

  7. wow thats gr8….i got to see ash frm 1 day old to4 years old

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