Posted by: jo | June 22, 2009


Two months of vacation going to end in a week time and not a single day I realised that it was suppose to be a vacation. I felt we are more at work when kids are having vacation. So what I did for two months…? I had carpenter, painter doing some renovation at home (9 a.m – 7p.m), kids’ summer camp, holiday homework with end number of projects…and it was extremely exhausting. Two weeks back when the renovation and the summer camp got over, I thought I might get some time to do my favourite work (blogging) and guess what??? my pc didn’t want to work!!! It’s still not working though I might be able to do blogging after a week, hopefully!! Shall write more about the vacation then.

Meanwhile, the saddest thing that will happen would be that there will be no post on Ashmit’s Birthday (24th June) and the good thing is we are going on holiday for three days  just to have a feel that we DID had a ‘vacation’  (before the school opens on 1st July).

See you guys after a week and I’m sorry to all my friends who were anxiously waiting for my post and thanks for letting me know that!



  1. About time too! Waiting for an update and THE chaos to hit us from the 24th!

  2. No wonder you guys have been so out of the loop!!!!Where is the vacation?

  3. nice to have you back. Wish Ashmit happy birthday from the bottom of Africa 🙂 Look forward to the next post!

  4. wat a holiday!

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