Posted by: jo | May 2, 2009

Not so good summer!

This summer is killing!! Almost 50 degrees already is effecting loads of kids. Every day in the morning while sending kids to school, I would pray they come home fine.  My worries were more with Aru for her school bus, takes an hour to reach home and the power cuts are also making her school hours too tiring (dehydrating). But yesterday, opposite happened. Ashmit came home with high fever (103.6 F) and in a few minutes it turned into acute diarrhoea. Poor kid! He continued to be in high fever till morning with almost 25 motions in 24 hrs. Good thing was that he was eating.

Schools have announced early summer vacation, so it’s good! Aru’s school is closing from Tuesday. They are open on Monday because holiday homework needs to be given!!@*$#$^@#*!!

Ashmit just fell asleep after getting only four hours of sleep at night, and I guess I should stop blogging and go and take a nap.



  1. Did not realise it was sooo bad! Take care! I guess a lot of Panah is required to beat the heat! I hope our man bounces back fast.

  2. we are anxious and sorry for our yoing friend going through all this…he will be now recovering and this also will make him stronger…we long to meet him now..

  3. [munmun]thanks!
    [papa] he is never too far from you and you should never miss any opportunities to meet him!

  4. the start to summer is terrible indeed – does it get hotter? The poor kids must be exhausted all day and their stamina must be nil. Take care of yourselves 🙂

  5. My God di…that was really a bad day!

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