Posted by: jo | April 30, 2009

It’s too hot!

Delhi is getting BAKED and so are we. And the kids at school plus on their way to home are getting FRIED (deep fried) !!!!!!!!!!!



  1. today Ranjit arrived in Delhi and phoned me and said “It’s too hot, I think I’m in the frying pan!” And we are wet, windy and cold 🙂

  2. I swear…And dont get me started about the powercuts!!!!

  3. ice cream time then! and splashing in water and lots of summery clothes. being hosed in the open.

    after years of practically no summer, we’re loving it!

  4. missing the “college days” smell of sweat in a crowded DTC bus, travelling with an invalid bus pass!Can you believe that it is 14 years now and I still miss it!

  5. [Margi] Ranjit will feel better when he reaches home (to the hills)but how come he left IPL? I thought he’ll be coming later (after IPL)
    [Tania]ditto on power cuts!!
    [chox]Thanks for the comment! and you are so lucky! I miss UK so much! Even the winters were not bad with the heaters every where!
    [Munmun]LOL on your comment!
    It was not as bad as it is today. These small kids are suffering a lot!

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