Posted by: jo | April 24, 2009

Aru’s wish for another sibling.

A few days back, while aru and I were having snacks in the evening, she suddenly said “Mamma I want an elder sister. Can you get one for me?” I tried not to laugh and said “Why, what happen!?” “I don’t like playing with Ashmit! He either wants to play Power Ranger or Ben 10 (pretend games) and never wants to play the games I say! If I have an older sister then she will play the games I want to play.” I kept giggling while she was expressing her pain of having a brother. Didn’t know what to say at that time but ended up saying “Baby, you told about your wish quite late. You should have told me that before you were born” It was fun watching the expression on her face at that moment, as if wondering what exactly I meant by saying that.

Sibling rivalry also sometimes makes a child demand for another sibling, is it common? Never heard of that!

Recently read a similar post on Life is a box of chocolates… Wishing for a sibling is common but the different reasons a child gives is sometimes hilarious and I’m sure almost all the parents someday have to deal with it.



  1. a wonderful response to the question. It’s sometimes lonely being a girl 🙂

  2. A request for an elder sister?! So cute.

  3. Looks like Aru is finetuning your response…well it shows her innocence and your being a responsive mother..

  4. Thanks for the comment Ro! It’s an honour to have you on my blog!

  5. That is a first!!

  6. LOL!

  7. Agree with tsemo completely….its lonely being an only child, lonelier when u grow up and move out than maybe when u r at home and living together.

  8. u can try for a younger sis

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