Posted by: jo | April 14, 2009

schools and competition

It’s so strange to find that in one city there are multiple numbers of schools having their own curriculum and criteria. Some schools are more focused on studies, some on extracurricular activities and some are trying to balance both, yet all of them are competing with each other. It’s good that we have different schools but at the admission time it also increases the confusion for the parents, even I went through it last year.

Two days back I met a mother whose son will be appearing for the admission interviews (sorry, interactions, as they say) this year. I saw mothers advising her about the different schools which created more confusion for that lady. I was sitting there (without getting into any discussion) listening to everyone explaining the reason why they have got their child in a particular school. Finally that lady asked me “Why did you not put Ashmit in Aru’s school but in a school which is barely 2 years old!?” I said “I didn’t want Ashmit to sweat in summers!

I said that because everyone feels a school that is air conditioned and is bag-less can only spoil the kid and I didn’t want to fall in an endless debate. What nobody tries to think is that I must had found something in this school which was best for Ashmit’s basic development and that’s why I didn’t consider to put him in some other well established school like Aru’s school.

The point I want to make here is that finally it’s the parents who can decide what kind of school and education they want to give to their kid. Today we have schools with different curriculum which enables the parents to decide which curriculum suits their kids’ personality. After all not all the kids are the same. And the levels of competition among the schools are so high that no school is less than any other school. That’s what my theory on schools is.



  1. every child is special but all parents usually are same…good that you are different ….you are right, when you say that it is the child’s needs, which should get priority over parents perspective..keep thinking, writing and making all parents aware…

  2. To allow both your children to grow up as individuals without the school system comparing one to the other is a great gift from a mother 🙂

  3. wat is education?
    It is that which makes our identification.
    It leads to a bright future creation.
    a combination of education n combination,
    Definitely gives success in every competition.
    ………must have taken decisions that suited ur child

  4. @ Priya, well said!

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