Posted by: jo | April 14, 2009

New start in April

We were moving to a new house in the month of March but could not do so due to some chaos created by the existing tenant and the property dealer. Finally we decided to stay in the existing house and make a few changes in the house. The whole plan will take two months to accomplish the job. We started the change by moving kids’ toys and story books to their room.

I moved the book shelves and Aru stacked the books (Ashmit’s and hers’) all by herself. You can see the quantity of books. She did the stacking ‘and’ arranging on the shelves and it took her whole day (10:30 am- 5:00pm). I felt it’s a milestone for her as she never did this before all alone, with so much of patience.

Ashmit was also on work searching for his crayons and cars that can be found at every corner of the house

And I cooked pizza for the first time in my microwave. All I can say is none of the piece was thrown and nobody complained but ‘tried’ to eat it happily. The best thing that got done was my broken crockery unit got repaired. Ashmit got settled in his new school very well and Aru has opted for French as her optional subject in class 4.



  1. I liked the pizza because you made it for us so lovingly and never mind even though it was little bit hard (I mean crunchy) it did have my favourite vegetables in it
    Thanks Mamma! :))

  2. Way to go girl! Love our princess helping out!

  3. good that you are back to your usual self…suddenly everything sounds well, looks beautiful and life racing once again…we are now waiting to see and feel ourselves…

  4. What a wonderful idea – create the new right where you are! These kid’s have one clever mother 🙂 It looks so fresh and lovely and Aru and Ashmit look so eager. The colours in the room are great!

  5. aru is really responsible….coz she has a person so understanding n kind thats her mother

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