Posted by: jo | April 3, 2009

Recent conversations…

  • Today Aru wanted to write a poem and for that she wanted to know my favourite color…

Aru: Mamma what’s your favourite color?

Me: mmmmmmmm, I think I like all the colors except black.

Aru: Why! you like our black car!!

Me: Oh Yes! Actually I was thinking on the basis of things (meant clothes) I wear. But yes, I like black cars, black eyes, black hair…

Aru: And you “wear” black hair!! :)))

  • Last week, an evening when Aru was talking to Mo on the phone (she called to know what time he’ll be home), she suddenly got upset. I asked her what happened…

Aru: Papa said it will take him 15 mins and I was about to tell him that Pizza has been delivered, but he ‘cut’ the phone before that!! 😦

Ashmit (instant response): With scissors?? :)))

  • I was changing Ashmit’s clothes but he was too restless moving left and right…

Me: सीधे खडे हो ‘जाऒ’ !

Ashmit: मै ‘जाऊँ’ ? :)))



  1. I guess you don’t need TV/movies, etc. You seem to have entertainment every minute!Lucky you!…still thinking and smiling!

  2. it is so gracious that you share the joy your kids bring with the world :), I will have to do Hindi 101 however!

  3. These children can make every one of us smart! Read somewhere, ‘education is the soul of experience being passed by one generation to other’.It can be both ways????.

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