Posted by: jo | April 2, 2009

Aru’s passion

Aru loves doing art and craft. Though, I have nothing to contribute to her talent or passion for it. I won’t say she does it with excellence, but I like her positive attitude towards her passion. Her friends usually laugh at her drawings, she gets B grade in art… but still all this does not affect her or her passion. The only thing that matters to her is the appreciation from her family, which she successfully gets. I love watching her drawing and love all her drawings!!

The first drawing has a story behind it. Three days back Aru and Ashmit were fighting and screaming since morning and I was a bit tensed by the chaos in our life, didn’t want them to scream and shout. When they continued doing so even after several warnings, I finally separated them by asking to go in different rooms and play alone. A few minutes later Aru came with this drawing and asked me lovingly how was her creation. I simply loved it!! She said “if you think this is nice, then can I please play with Ashmit now!” I couldn’t say no to it!!

Ok! In the first row are the ladies~ starting from left is Chachi (aunt Somya), Dadi (grandmom), Me (her mom), Nani (granny), Aarushi and Shubhi. In the second row are the men~ Papa (her dad), Ashmit, Arpit Chacha (uncle), Baba (paternal grand dad), Nana (maternal grand dad), Yuv and Rinku Chacha (uncle). And the caption says “A FAMILY’S LOVE NEVER ENDS… NEVER ” Complete family picture with lots of love (hearts) :)))

that's her imagination!

that's her imagination!

her creation again!

her creation again!

This one and the next one she copied from a calender that had drawings by the young kids.

I just hope her passion for reading and drawing never dies!!



  1. Gorgeous & sensitive! I Don’t Know why she gets a B? The art teacher needs to be spoken to. The craft maniac in this part of the world wants to draw the one with the boats!Will send her version soon.

  2. with a mother as encouraging as you I’m sure Aru’s talent will go far. She has always seemed a dreamer to me – her drawings are lovely. The imagination is very well developed and her colour sense is excellent. Love the subjects and the thought she puts into them – there you go Aru! a review from an experienced art teacher and award winner!!! Don’t ever stop drawing and enjoying it 🙂

  3. [munmun]Both the sisters sail in the same boat!!! 🙂 Hope you are getting what I mean by saying this! Shall eagerly wait for li’l sis’s version

  4. [tsemo] An experienced eyes could only see this! You are right when you say “her colour sense is excellent”. She surprises me as well with her color sense. Thanks for your review!

  5. we know what the lady needs now!!!

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