Posted by: jo | March 28, 2009


Last week ended with everyone having farewell parties, except me.
Let me start with Aru first. She had it with her friends and her class teacher on Friday. It was last day of the session; hence teacher and children had a party day. I asked Aru to give her ma’am a ‘thank you’ card on the farewell day, and she said (in a tone of disagreement), “She will be there in my next class to teach me ‘Hindi’!”
Mo also got his farewell on Friday by his colleagues for leaving them and joining another company.
Ashmit’s farewell was on Saturday at his playschool and parents were also invited [oh yes! I also got farewell there and it was second farewell party for Mo]. The kids performed on stage [though I felt it should be the teachers doing that]. Ashmit with his classmates danced on the song ‘Bum bum bole’ from ‘Tare Zamin Par’

Throughout his performance, he was looking directly at us (sitting in the second row from the stage) and did all the steps so correctly with perfect expression to go with the song, something that I never did while performing on stage (looking in the eyes of the people I know and dancing).

In the end he got certificate from the Principal.

This week started with everything new. New class, new books and uniform for Aru; new job, new laptop for Mo; new school (big school), new books and uniforms for Ashmit and me sharing all the new things [except the uniform] with them and waiting to move in the new home, next weekend. 🙂



  1. I am sure we have an emerging public speaker or a performer!

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