Posted by: jo | March 19, 2009

When I am not in a good mood!

When I was a kid (an older one), I always had some songs that could go with my mood. For happy mood were comedy songs, for really cheerful mood were songs on which I could dance, for normal so-so mood were romantic/philosophical songs… But whenever I was not in a good mood, I would like to sing…not a sad song because it made me more sad, not a happy song because it would make things worse, no dancing, no Bhajans (devotional songs) because I didn’t like to talk about it to anyone, not even to God…then what!?… I liked to sing patriotic songs; lots and lots of them; all that I learned in my music class at school. Today, I don’t no how I remembered this song that I use to sing a lot as a kid/teenager…


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