Posted by: jo | March 19, 2009

Ashmit said…

On sunday we were coming home after visiting a family friend of ours’. It was quite dark outside and at a point I could not recognise the route our driver was taking. Just to confirm the area I asked “हम कहाँ हैं?” [where are we?] Before anyone could answer me, Ashmit said “हम car में हैं ” [we are in car] I thanked him for letting me know that!

Yesterday, we were talking to Aru about something and Mo said he will give it to her, one day. On this Ashmit said “मै भी तो लुँगा!” I said “तुम (pause) भी लोगे!?” He answered “हाँ! मै भी C D E लुँगा!” [in case you didn’t understand this one, don’t feel shy to ask]

Later today, he was misbehaving and was not listening to me. I tried to stop him 4-5 times and then just started staring at him without saying a word. He came to me and said “Are you angry?” “No!” “Are you happy?” “No!” “Are you sad?” “No!” …. “Then what are you?” “I don’t know!” “I know, You are mama!!” he said with a big smile.



  1. Ashmit certainly has the ability to keep one in the present moment and put one’s mind right back in reality! I hope he never loses that individuality it is wonderful.

    And yes, i think translation is in order hehe

  2. LOL! Our man has started thinking on his feet!

  3. @ Tsemo, the word भी sounds quite like B. So the conversation was like “I also want”, “You (pause) also want”, “Yes, I want भी (B) CDE ” Don’t no how much sense it makes in English but was quite hilarious in Hindi 🙂

  4. ashmit is just tired of remaining chota bhai in family so he is making you all realise that he has grown

  5. yesterday, this great man talks to me for a while then says “bye…see you later…”

    we had a hearty laugh..

  6. I like the last one best….lol

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