Posted by: jo | March 2, 2009

Thanks Sonal Aunty!

These days, Ashmit is busy hammering, but only to create something.

Busy hammering and ‘The creation’

Thanks Aru, for training him so well! Have you ever seen red and yellow clouds?

This is 'my' creation! I'm good too!

This is 'my' creation! I'm good too!

Thanks Sonal, for the wonderful gift! Kids are really enjoying it! And the best part is that in 10 days none of the part is been thrown or broken. Not even a nail is missing. 🙂 We can say, that’s a milestone for Ashmit!



  1. I am impressed!!!!

  2. great to have such accomplished competition!

  3. The concentration on Ashmit’s face is priceless! Great job Sonny!

  4. Actually not the “face” but his posture!

  5. so focused so alert…….creativity is amazing….he will build home of life also beautifully…

  6. Hi,

    I am very happy that the kids are liking it as i was not sure about nails being given to kids, but no issues now. I feel quite honoured by the post. Thanks a tonne. :))


  7. it made me say wow !!

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