Posted by: jo | February 18, 2009

Parenting with partner.

Parenting with a partner can make parenting an easier task as well as a difficult one. For me it has made it an easier task. I know moms who are all the time nagging for getting little to no help from their partner, to ease off their responsibilities towards the kids. In their families (especially with the mom at home full time), the father’s responsibility is to earn money for their kids, take them for outings and have meals with them. The concept being, ‘I worked for whole day at office and don’t have energy left’. Thank God!, I don’t have to go through it!

When Aru was young, Mo could hardly give us any time because of his work that took his (ours’) days & nights (I would sometime joke saying Aru would start calling him ‘uncle’ as she hardly got to see him :)). Things changed after Ashmit came. He had more time to spend with us and parenting became much easier for me (us). I don’t know what I would have done with the two kids if I had to handle them all alone that too in a different country (we were in UK then).

Mo, who didn’t know Aru’s routine and habits, likes & dislikes, now knew every little thing about her. The bonding between father and daughter got stronger now. He could manage both Ashmit and Aru and I got a break from kids. I remember, till Ashmit turned one, every morning around 6, he would take Ashmit from me and would lovingly ask me to have 2 hrs of sleep. Those two hours of sleep would be like heaven for me!! Mo and Aru would leave for office/school by 8:45am and I would leave with Ashmit for the “mothers and toddler group” by 9:30am (walking about one km up and down). But I would feel full of energy because of those two hours of sleep in the morning after a sleepless night.

In the evening when he came home, he would take the two kids out of my sight (because till then I would had had enough of them). He would feel refreshed by spending time with kids and I would feel refreshed while cooking dinner and doing household work. For me it was more important that I should get a break from kids and Mo looked after them, responsibly (till they were in bed).

Even today, by the evening, both the kids and I get restless till he is back. Then kids have fun with him and I get to do blogging 🙂 On weekends, I still get those extra two hours sleep in the morning, while he take cares of the kids and even cooks breakfast for us! (french toast or special veg. omelet). Believe me, kids wait to get that special breakfast from their dad even though the menu is same every weekend morning. 🙂

Because of Mo, as a perfect partner, I’m able to take care of my kids and try to do assertive parenting , or I would be~ don’t know what~ may be a crazy mom, who knows what is right for her kids but unable to put it in action!

Thanks Mo! for all the love and support!




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  2. It indeed is so true, things are so completely different with a partner, i still dont know about parenting but even otherwise having a partner who understands and appreciates your individual time and being is so very important. I have always appreciated Mohit jeeju for the way he handles relationships and this is just another affirmation….love you Mo-Jo…he he

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